Transforming Anonymous Website Visitors into Marketing Opportunities

Get More Marketing & Sales Opportunities from Your Website

With InsiderData360 Analytics, you can identify your website’s traffic to expand your sales and marketing opportunities, eavesdrop on social media posts to manage your reputation and learn more about your customer base, and know exactly how visitors interact with your website.

From checking your website’s health and providing insightful marketing recommendations, to capturing genuine contact information for not only the businesses that visit your site but the residential traffic as well, InsiderData360™ does it all.

Right now you’re missing out

InsiderData360 originated from the necessity of authenticating marketing efforts and converting online business. Our cutting-edge software suite is designed to educate, guide and convert. The core feature of InsiderData360 is its proprietary technology that can identify business’s website traffic with specific contact information.

Out of 100% of the traffic coming to your website, only 14% percent of that traffic actively pursues contact with your business whether through the live chat, contact form submission, sending an email or making a phone call. Our technology can identify the other 86%.

Unfortunately, on average 20% of website traffic is considered “bad traffic” and is undergone by entities such as bots, special VPNs, secured devices, those with very poor internet connection and individuals visiting from outside the United States.

The remaining 66% is easily identified by our technology through a process of cross-checking information such as the visitors IP Address, GEO location, cookies, sessions, MAC address and reverse engineering techniques. This information is calculated and compiled to report the most accurate information possible, it is performed in seconds with zero negative effect on your website. 

66% of traffic

is identifiable and through cross referencing up to 50 databases coupled with our own patented technology we can accurately produce information about those visitors.

14% of traffic

of traffic actively contacts your business through Chat, Contact Form, Email or Call.

20% of traffic

is “Bad Traffic” and is undergone by entities such as bots, special VPNs, secured devices, those with very poor internet connection and individuals visiting from outside the United States.


How does InsiderData360™ compare

How does InsiderData360™ stack up against its biggest competitors? Very well, actually!

Visual Visitor Google Analytics InsiderData360 Analytics
Website Analytics No Yes Yes - provided by an unbiased community
Identified Traffic Yes but IP technology - Only 6% of traffic No Yes with 60-90%
Residential & Business Information No No Both
Accuracy of Data Single source Google data Over 55 cross-referenced sources
Conversion Tools No No Free with platform: Live chat, contact form tracking, call tracking, popups, and live text messaging
Technology is focused on… Sales (for outbound reach) Marketing (web results) Both Sales & Marketing (all-in-one)

It takes just a few minutes to install

Easy to Install

Installing InsiderData360 is a simple 3-step process.

  1. Sign up and pick a plan by visiting ________ (Keep in mind an SSL is required to sign up for InsiderData360)
  2. Provide the snippet of code to your webmaster and instruct them to embed the snippet of code to the header or footer of your website.
  3. After the code has been installed visit ____ and use your login credentials that were created at signup to begin using ID360.

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